Our new favorite pastime is to write down Eli’s mumblings when he starts to wake up from sleeping. His sleep talking is pretty funny sometimes. Yesterday was “Mommy you don’t have to catch those ears” and this morning it was “Your kisses are slobbery.” 🙂 Gaurav, Hina, and my folks hopefully got some good pictures yesterday that I’ll post as soon as they e-mail them to me. I can have CarePages send out a notification when I add new photos, so I’ll do that.
Thanks to everyone (so far 108 of you) that have been checking these updates and continuing to pray for our little guy. Continue to pray for the doctor’s wisdom in dealing with this rare cancer. I asked the nurse educator how many cases they see of neuroblastoma in a year at the University of Iowa Hospital and she said, “Oh, a handful. Probably 2 or 3 a year.” Quite a bit lower than I was expecting, but they are leading experts in giving chemo to kids, so we’re happy to be here. There is a “nurse in training” here and buy CBD products teaching nurse told her, “Don’t worry, this is the most complicated chemo you’ll do. If you can get this down, the others will be a breeze.” If you want to find out more about neuroblastoma, the nurse encouraged us to go to a source of the best research done. will allow you to pick neuroblastoma from a list of cancers and you can find out more information on the cancer and the treatment there.

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