I took a day off from updating yesterday because there weren’t really any results ready to report on. Boy did I hear about it! It wasn’t enough to post new pictures in the Photo Gallery I guess. As people were assuming based on the pictures, yes, Eli had a good morning yesterday. He had the doctors laughing as they got a glimpse of our normal quick witted son. He was actually wanting to visit the playroom, which was good because he needed to get off the bed and walk a little. The afternoon was a bit of a different story since it was full of tests and he wore out pretty quickly.
We are constantly battling with Eli’s blood pressure, so that is something to continue to pray about. Yesterday it got up to 191 over 137 (normal is 120 over 70). They have potent medicine they give him to bring it down quickly, but the side effect is that it makes his heart race (up to 190 beats per minute), which is also scary. The worst part is that his weight loss has caused his chest walls to be thin, so you can actually see his heart beating like crazy through the skin. This morning it seems to be back under control, but the blood pressure always threatens to run high.
As far as the tests go, we had a hearing test, an echo cardiogram test (heart ultrasound), height/weight measurement for accurate chemo amounts, and the GFR kidney test to see how well his kidney is functioning (also to determine chemo amounts). The hearing and echo cardiogram tests were to get a baseline of what Eli’s stats were BEFORE going into chemo so we can see how chemo is effecting his hearing and his heart throughout the process. The hearing test came back normal and the heart test isn’t in yet, but unofficially the good doctor told us everything looked perfect as we were all looking at the ultrasound. The GFR test, as you may recall, was to see how well his kidney was functioning to see if we could give him the full blast of chemo. Thanks to everyone who prayed on this point. It was effective and the results came back this morning with a report of fully functioning kidneys!
So this afternoon we start chemo. Also this afternoon they’ll inject some radioactive material that will go through his system over the next two days and on Thursday he’ll have an MIBG scan that more precisely tells us where the neuroblastoma tumor is.
The ripple this little 3 year old has sent through the prayer waves around the world has left Lacey and I in awe. Not only have we heard from people all over the US (many of whom we’ve never met), but we know prayers are being lifted up in Brazil, France, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, and the UK. There are probably even more countries represented that we haven’t heard from yet. We even had 3 believers stop up this morning that we have never met before. They heard from friends at Cornerstone Church that we were here and they happened to be one floor down praying for their pastor’s son who was there because a stick went right into his eye in a freak accident yesterday. God was watching over him and he has full sight this morning in his eye, “beyond the Doctor’s understanding.” They smiled as they said that last part. They prayed for us in the room before they left. What an encouragement.

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