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It only takes a few seconds to signup for a free login to access Eli’s blog posts! Scroll down for step by step instructions on how to sign up for a login or receive updates via email. You can also click here for detailed instructions with screenshots.

If you’re still having problems with anything (like remembering your username), you can email Eli’s dad, Aaron, at:

One tip that might helpyour username that you chose is cAsE sEnsItIvE! If you signed up with a username like “Aaron Horn”, then you can’t sign in as “aaron horn” or “AaronHorn”. If that doesn’t help, definitely email me!

If you just forgot your password and need that reset – simply click here.

To subscribe to Eli’s Twitter Updates via email, click here to go to the bottom of this page for those instructions!

Here is how you sign up for Eli’s Army Updates.
1) Go to

2) Click on any “Continue reading” link on the home page or click on the “Recruitment (Login)” tab.

3) Fill in the required information in the “New Users Registration” section and hit submit. Required fields are Username, First Name, Last Name, and Email address. After completing this step, you should see “Congratulations! Your registration was successful. You may now login using the password that was emailed to you. Thank you for your support of Eli!”

4) Check the email account that you used to register for Eli’s site to get your password. The email should have been sent immediately. If you do not see it after a few minutes, be sure to check your Spam box to make sure the confirmation email wasn’t marked as spam.

5) Click the link in the email to login to the site using the username and password that was emailed to you.

6) After logging in, immediately click on the “Change Password” link so you can change your password to something you will remember.

7) After successfully changing your password, click the Recruitment (Login) tab to log back in using your new password.

8) Now when you click on a “Continue reading” link, it should show you the details of the post!

This is just to login. You will not get an email when Eli’s blog is updated if you followed the first 8 steps! If you would like to receive Eli’s update via email, take the following steps. Please be aware that you will only receive ONE email per day and it will contain ALL updates posted for that day. You should receive your daily email sometime between 11pm-1am Central Time.

1) Use the “Enter your email address” box on the right to enter your email address and click the “Subscribe” button.

2) Enter the verification word on the screen that pops up and click the “Complete Subscription Request” button.

3) Check your inbox for an activation email from FeedBurner. This should arrive immediately, so if you do not get it after a few minutes, please check your Spam box.

4) Click on the link in the verification email from FeedBurner. You should be taken to a confirmation page. That’s it, you will receive a copy of Eli’s latest update every night in your email inbox!

To subscribe to get a daily email with all of Eli’s Twitter updates:

Just go to and give it your email address and this website: Then you’ll get one email every day that I update Eli’s Twitter account and you won’t have to keep visiting his Twitter page to check for updates!

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