Happy Father’s Day

I wouldn’t be the man that I am today without my incredible Dad. Nor would I be the man that I am today without my two incredible sons Eli and Isaiah. I am also blessed to know an elite group of fathers that have to live through the reality of childhood cancer. These men have to navigate a life that has been turned completely upside down. Trying to find a way to be there for their families while they balance their work demands. Being strong for their wives while the stresses of the situation tear at their own guts. Making sacrifices, financially and otherwise, to do whatever it takes to make their child well. Trying to be there for their other children, both physically and emotionally. Most of all, hugging and kissing their babies while telling them that everything is going to be okay, and in their hearts having no idea if that is true at all. This is a brotherhood I never thought I would experience, but it is one of real loyalty and strength and it has provided me with amazing bonds that I am so thankful for. Happy Father’s Day to everyone, but especially to those that have given up so much of themselves to help their children Beat Cancer.

With Hope,


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  1. jdodgex6@gmail.com says:

    I can’t think of a father that is your equal, Aaron. I am blessed to have watched you be a father to Eli. He was blessed to call you “dad.” I am blessed and challenged by your example.

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