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Another update drought. Another post submitted just because there is something going on that needs to be publicized. This seems to be my new Modus Operandi. I guess I’m just not sure what is really different now than how things were in January. Eli’s still physically gone. We still miss him so much that many times our chests feel like an elephant is standing on them. Everything we see reminds us of him and we have to resort to videos (boy do I wish now that I had taken more videos) if we want to hear his voice again. Isaiah expresses many of Eli’s mannerisms, expressions and behaviors, which is both a joy and torture at the same time somehow as it makes us miss Eli all the more. Tailgating at an Iowa State game is such a mixture of emotions because it brings back great memories, but hurts to see all of the young boys playing catch with the football before the game and Eli not being one of them.

There are good things as well, of course. Comments from people about how their lives were positively impacted by Eli and his life (please keep those coming). Remembrances being created so others can learn about him and his impact on the world. One such remembrance (the playground structure near the football stadium that I posted about last time) is soon going to be a reality, thanks to all of you. Within about 12 hours of posting the need for $5k for the playground structure, that goal was reached, plus a little more. It didn’t really surprise me since I know how amazing Eli’s Army is, but I’m sure the City of Ames would be surprised to know how many donations came from other states like New York, Indiana, Missouri, and so many others. 🙂 Another good thing is the inspiration he caused in others to raise money and awareness for Childhood Cancer. Since September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, there is always a little influx in activity in this area, but there is one event coming up that we wanted to tell people about that was directly influenced by Eli.

Back in December or so of last year, Cristal, a high school friend of ours, contacted me about wanting to do some sort of fundraiser in Eli’s honor. I told Cristal that a fundraiser for the Band of Parents ( would be appropriate since the treatments funded by that group directly impacted Eli and his treatment options. Furthermore, it could be an event in honor of more than one Iowan fighting Neuroblastoma since a good friend of Eli, Dakota Neblock from Cedar Rapids, was also getting treatment at MSKCC in NYC and was a beneficiary of the work that the BOP has made possible. This was the beginning of the plans for a family friendly (pets/strollers encouraged) fun run/walk to be held at 2pm on Sunday, September 30th at the DMACC lake in Ankeny. Due to the turn of events in January, it will now be in memory of Eli and in honor of Dakota.

You can find more information about the event at and for you Facebook users, please ‘like’ the FB page at We hope that a lot of people will register online for the walk (it’s only $20/person) and be able to enjoy the event while supporting more research, leading to more trials, and leading to more effective treatments for our buddies still fighting Neuroblastoma. The Band of Parents has now started funding research in hospitals besides MSKCC as well, so the impact is truly great. Some of the treatment options at MSKCC specifically wouldn’t exist today if it wasn’t for this group, so to us, it’s one of the most effective places to send money for Neuroblastoma cancer research. We’ve seen the results first hand.

Again, I mostly wanted to make sure that this event was publicized since not EVERYONE is active on Facebook. It would be great to see a huge turnout and hopefully this is something that can continue on every year to help support more research. It’s going to be a fun event with a bake sale, fun games for the kids, and even an appearance by Iowa State’s very own mascot, Cy! As always, thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

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