Bits and Pieces

I’m not really ready for a proper update yet, but I at least wanted to give you a few snippets from yesterday for those that weren’t able to attend Eli’s Celebration of Life.  Eventually I hope to have the entire service posted online for people to watch at their convenience. It was an amazing service and I would hate for any of Eli’s Army to miss the opportunity to see it for themselves. I wanted to share the two Animoto videos that we played during the service as well as the tribute speeches that Lacey and I wrote.  Finally, KCCI requested permission to come to the service and take video.  That night, they put together a great news piece that played in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and even Omaha, Nebraska.  I’ll link to that video as well.  The amount of support has been nothing short of amazing and I’m sure I’ll touch more on that later.  For now, please enjoy the videos and tributes.

Letter to Eli Memorial Video:

Tunnel Memorial for Eli:

Eli’s Impact video on KCCI:

Lacey’s Tribute

Aaron’s Tribute

Also, we have decided that we will remove the username/password requirements for reading this site. You can still sign up to get these updates via email on the right hand side, and you’ll still need a login to leave a comment, but since it’s so easy to leave comments on Facebook, we’ll at least remove the hurdle of needing a login to see any future updates we post here. Eventually I’ll remove the login requirement on previous posts as well.

Thank you all!

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6 Responses to Bits and Pieces

  1. cristalv1 says:

    Oh my gosh you guys, thank you for sharing your tributes. I can’t stop crying, so I can’t imagine how you must feel. Saying he was special just doesn’t seem to do Eli justice. I just hope and pray I can do as good of a job being a parent to my boys and a faithful, loving follower of Christ, as you all are. Thank you, thank you for all that you share. Your strength is amazing and truly, I’m inspired. God Bless you!

  2. cynanngel says:

    Touched by his life, and, now, touched by his death. RIP Eli Horn! Can’t wait to meet you in Heaven!!

  3. BudWest says:

    Beautiful tributes to a truly piest young man!

    Rest In Peace and Fly High with Christ Eli!

    In Christ’s love,


  4. wrightsdc says:

    What a beautiful and heart warming tribute to our Creator and Eli! Thank you for sharing your story, your son and most importantly, your faith!

  5. pam3love says:

    Your words and Laceys were so true and inspiring. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  6. holmesaqt01 says:

    Thank you for sharing this.. Eli was a true blessing, and you both as parents are as well. You both are amazing, I could never have handled this in such a way that you both have. Thinking of you all!!

    Love, Amber

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