Chemo Round 1: Complete

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Thanks to everyone who has left comments, texts, Facebook messages, emails, etc. We really appreciate Eli’s Army rallying around him for more support.

The first 3 days of chemo went well and the leukemia blasts detected in the blood went from 35% to 15% to 0%, so that is good (we haven’t been testing the actual bone marrow any more this week, just the blood.) As expected, Eli’s counts have dropped significantly. We expect them to bottom out to zero very soon. Eli has been blessed with quite a few visitors this week, which has really brought a smile. School mates from Ankeny Christian Academy, several teachers (both past and present), his buddy Henry from Ames, and other friends and family have stopped by to pay Eli a visit and even save us from hospital food. He also received some amazing Star Wars Lego sets from NY Grandma Barbara at Candlelighters NYC to pass the time during the inpatient days at Blank.

That’s really all I have to say for now. Eli will not have to undergo any chemo this weekend (but will have to stay inpatient of course) and will resume again next week for round 2. Again, thanks for the resurgence of prayer.

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