This is just a very short FYI for anyone that is planning on visiting. One doctor this morning confirmed that we won’t be talking about going home for another 3-4 days. Eli still isn’t eating really well on his own and we haven’t figured out the magic pain/nausea control combination yet.
First, please make sure we know when you’re coming and how many people are going to be visiting. We want to make sure that we don’t have a conflict with something scheduled or have too many people showing up at the same time.
Second, as of this morning all of Eli’s visitors will have to wear a mask (we have a box of them here) because he officially neutropenic. His white blood cells are very low and he’s very susceptible to picking up any illness, even from people that don’t know they might be sick.
Finally, touching should really be avoided. We’ll have hand sanitizer, but the less Eli gets touched, the better. We have to be very bacteria adverse!
We’re definitely not trying to keep anyone away, we just wanted pass along the “rules” in case anyone was wanting to say hi this weekend and didn’t want to be surprised with a mask and hand sanitizer when they walked through the door. You can find out how to get here by checking out the Visitor Information under Contact Info. Thanks!

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