Scan time in NYC

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Greetings from our second home in New York City! It’s Monday morning and it’s raining outside, so Eli and I are hanging out in the room waiting for his first scan this afternoon. We were supposed to be travelling down to the offices to visit our friends there this morning, but Eli has had a cough that started this weekend and has gotten progressively worse. Couple that with the rain and we decided to postpone our Animoto visit until next time. Sorry guys!

Eli is bummed about this cough and I don’t blame him. Whenever he is at the Ronald or at the hospital, he has to wear a mask, which is no fun. Thankfully, there are no masks at NY Grandma Barbara’s house! 🙂 We have also enjoyed hanging out with a few of our long time Ronald friends like the Hewitts and Pierces.

Today at 4:30pm, Eli has a spine MRI. It usually takes about 45 minutes. Tomorrow, Eli has a CT at 10:20am (5 minutes long), an MIBG injection (5 minutes long with an hour wait most likely), and a brain MRI at 4:30pm (another 45 minutes). On Wednesday, he has an MIBG scan at 8am (about an hour and he really despises that one because it comes so close to his face) and then bone marrows whenever they get around to him (typically between 11am-1pm). That’s the only procedure that requires anethesia, thankfully!

Wednesday night, we are going to flying out of Morristown, NJ with Corporate Angels and flying to St. Louis, MO where Lacey and Isaiah will pick us up. We’ll get a hotel for the night and then drive back home Thursday. We were supposed to fly with Corporate Angels from Des Moines to Delaware on Friday for the way out here (and then rent a car to get from there to the city), but that flight got cancelled at the last minute due to weather. We were scrambling on Thursday for a backup plan and since flights out of Des Moines to NYC are still outrageously expensive, we opted for two one way tickets out of Chicago to NYC (nonstop flight to LaGuardia) on Saturday morning. Of course, this meant that we had to drive up to Chicago on Friday night, so Lacey and Isaiah drove us out there and then drove back home Saturday. Both Chicago and St. Louis are about 6 hours from Ames, but even with gas and hotel, we end up saving money sometimes by using those airports (especially when the St. Louis flight home is free!)

As most of you know, we had a significant event happen this month. Eli turned 7! I know it sounds odd to most people when we say that we felt ‘thankful’ that our son was turning 7, but I think other cancer parents will know exactly what we mean. Eli had a small birthday party at the Science Center of Iowa, which was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes!

Well, I just wanted to let everyone know about our scan and travel plans because I know a lot of people like to pray specifically about each event. We certainly appreciate all of the prayers and will report back (at least via Twitter – which posts updates on the right hand side of this page) when we’re safe and sound back home!

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