Merry Christmas from the Horns

Merry Christmas from the Horns! We hope you enjoy our 2010 Animoto Christmas Card. If you are reading this via email and can’t watch the embedded video, simply visit You can also see last year’s Christmas card at and our very first Animoto Christmas card at

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  1. Jeanna says:

    Eli, I don’t know your whole story but it is familiar to me. My great nephew, Taylor Watts was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 20 months. In 2 weeks he will be 10! He has been in remission for around 7 years. You have something else in common with him…he spent a day with the AUburn Tigers courtesy of Gene and Jonna Chizik. They are great people, as you know, and were wonderful to Taylor and 3 other CA children that day. I plan to keep up with your story. Keep fighting the fight. Taylor went through chemo, radiation, a stem cell transplant, and special treatments at Sloan-Kettering. If you want to read about his story, go to
    His parents kept a daily log up until about a year ago when Facebook became the place to post:-)
    Wishing you all the are in my prayers! War Eagle! (AUburn’s cheer).

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